Marathon Announces Executive Team After Buying Andeavor

07/25/18 – 1:03 P.M.

Marathon Petroleum Corp. announced the executive team leading the combined company after Marathon purchased Andeavor. The deal cost $23.3 billion and Marathon reports that it will close by the end of the year. Marathon will grow from six refineries in the Midwest and Gulf regions to 16 across the United States, forming the largest refiner in the U.S.

The leadership team will consist of 7 Marathon executives and 3 from Andeavor. Gary Heminger will continue to serve as the companies chairman and CEO. Andeavor president and CEO Gregory Goff will serve as the executive vice chairman. You can read the rest below.

Donald C. Templin, President of Refining, Marketing and Supply
Currently President of MPC, Mr. Templin will have responsibility for MPC’s refining, crude and feedstock supply, product distribution, marketing, environment and safety, and supply chain functions.

Anthony R. Kenney, President ofSpeedway LLC
Currently President ofSpeedway LLC, Mr. Kenney will have responsibility for all company-owned and -operated convenience stores.

Michael J. Hennigan, President ofMPLX LP(NYSE:MPLX)
Mr. Hennigan currently serves as President ofMPLX.

Timothy T. Griffith, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Currently MPC Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Griffith will have responsibility for MPC’s controller, audit, tax, treasurer, and budget and analysis functions.

Suzanne Gagle, General Counsel
Ms. Gagle currently serves as MPC General Counsel.

Fiona C. Laird, Chief Human Resources Officer
Ms. Laird currently serves asAndeavor’sChief Human Resources Officer.

David R. Sauber, Senior Vice President of Labor Relations, Operations, Health and Administrative Services
Mr. Sauber is currently Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Health and Administrative Services for MPC. In his new position, he will report toFiona C. Laird, Chief Human Resources Officer.

Kristina A. Kazarian, Vice President of Investor Relations
Ms. Kazarian currently serves as MPC Vice President of Investor Relations.

Don J. Sorensen, President ofAndeavor Logistics LP(NYSE: ANDX)
Mr. Sorensen currently serves as Senior Vice President of ANDX.