Marion Township Residents Discuss Industrial Property Annexation And Zoning

12-19-18 – 1 A.M.

Residents of Marion Township voiced some concerns about the annexation and zoning of industrial property in Findlay. The property is south of County Road 95 and east of Crystal Avenue. Mayor Mihalik they are zoning it as industrial because the set up is already there.

Lydia Mihalik

The residents said they were worried that they weren’t going to have a say in what happens with the property. The talked about how lighting, semi-traffic, and noise would be issues.

Mihalik said that she understood their concerns and added that they will have a say if there is ever a project set up for that property.

Currently there is no project scheduled on the property. Mihalik said that there will be plenty of research done when there is one.

Lydia Mihalik

Findlay City Council approved the annexation and the zoning