Mayor: Downtown Recreation Area Worth Potential Cost

Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn describes the proposed Downtown Recreation Area as potentially transformational.

“It is a significant investment in a large area of our downtown, creating a new hub for people to have recreational opportunities.”

Muryn added that investing in the new recreation area is wise and will pay dividends in the future.



The proposed recreation area would be part of the Phase 2 benching project north of the Blanchard River and east of Main Street.

The Downtown Recreation Area will be from Main Street east to the railroad tracks, and from the river north to Clinton Court.

There will also be a triangle-shaped area west of Main Street over to North Cory Street.

Mayor Muryn said the cost estimate from their consultant for the recreation area is $10 to $40 million.

She thinks the cost will end up being around $25 to $30 million, depending on how many things they include in final design such as playgrounds, a new pedestrian bridge, walking and biking paths and even an amphitheater.

The mayor is asking city council for $1.3 million to enter an agreement with the firm to go from the master plan to engineering – working on the bulk of the design and refining the project.

The Phase 2 benching project is slated for 2024, as is the replacement of the Norfolk-Southern bridge west of Cory Street to eliminate a choke point and help mitigate flooding.

The Eagle Creek Floodwater Storage Basin project just south of town could also happen in 2024 so that could be a big year for flood mitigation.

As for the proposed Downtown Recreation Area, the city wanted to ensure that the benching area east of North Main Street not only serves its primary purpose of flood mitigation but also provides a broader community benefit as a recreation and gathering area.

See potential designs for the Downtown Recreation Area by clicking here.