Mayor Previews What’s To Come For Findlay This Year

Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn is excited about what’s in store for Findlay in 2022.

One of the things she’s looking forward to the most is the city’s strategic planning process.




As the mayor mentioned in the audio above, the city will be kicking off community involvement in the strategic planning process in April.

She says the process involves taking a strategic look at how they operate, their core services, but also making sure that they’re supporting investment in the community to make sure Findlay continues to be a great place to live, learn, work and play.

Among the capital project this year, she says the city will be investing more in the airport to position it for continued economic growth.



As the mayor mentioned in the audio above, the Findlay Airport is starting to see a significant number of cargo flights with 155 last year.

Phase 2 benching for flood mitigation, which could include a park and recreation component, and breaking ground on the training center for first responders (STRICT Center) are a few of the other capital projects set for this year.

Muryn said the city is doing quite well considering the challenges it faced over the last two years during the pandemic and she feels comfortable with the city’s overall financial position.

She says the city added to its general fund unappropriated balance last year and it currently stands at around $16 million.

When it comes to body cameras for police officers and dash cams for their cruisers, Muryn said she supports the idea and it needs to be fully vetted before they move forward.

She expects the city to have a body cam proposal ready by the summer for community discussion and then they’ll determine if the project will proceed.

Get more of our conversation with Mayor Muryn about what’s in store for Findlay this year below.