Mayor To Propose New Economic Development Strategies

(From the City of Findlay)

Mayor Christina Muryn has requested a committee of the whole meeting of Findlay City Council on Wednesday, January 10th, 2024 at 4:30 pm in City Council Chambers, it will also be live streamed on YouTube by searching Findlay Ohio.

Muryn has stated it will be to discuss economic development strategies for 2024. A committee of the whole meeting is an information sharing session in which no formal action may be taken.

“The City of Findlay has a vibrant local economy which has continued to grow over the past 10 years with investments such as Valgroup, Campbells, McLane, ZF, R+L Carriers, and extensive growth among our existing businesses. In 2023 alone, there was $358,000,000 in capital investment, 270,000 square feet of constructed or leased space, and over 1,370 net new jobs created. We must continue to look for creative ways to position the City of Findlay for expansion and attraction of new businesses and people,” Muryn said.  

“To ensure we are well positioned I will be introducing concepts that I have been investigating to continue to ensure we are attracting the best businesses and talent for our community while also ensuring our community is a place that has the amenities that people expect. I look forward to robust discussion with Council and moving these priorities forward in 2024.”

Mayor Christina Muryn In 2023, City Council adopted a strategic planning framework, Findlay Forward. The framework took input gathered from citizens, city employees, and city government to determine 7 key goals for the City of Findlay. They are: A Safe Community, A Well-Run City Government, A Caring Government, A Thriving Business Environment, An Attractive Place, An Active Community, and A Connected City.

“These goals are not anything unique, they are the core responsibilities of City Government, however, what is unique is in the objectives and actions we take to achieve each of the goals. As we move into 2024 I expect more discussion on the action item level of the plan and believe that the information that will be shared on Wednesday will be a great jumping off point for a thriving business environment but will also have a positive ripple effect on all other goals.”

The City of Findlay has been named America’s Top Micropolitan Community for the past 9 years by Site Selection Magazine, in 2022 Findlay won this accolade with 32 qualifying projects, 2nd place Thomasville, GA had 12. Site Selection Magazine is the premier international publication specific to site selectors. Site selectors are individuals contracted by companies to find new sites for business expansion. The annual rankings of communities are based strictly upon the number of qualifying projects. A qualifying project is defined by Industrial projects with Capital investment over $1,000,000 – over 20,000 square feet constructed – 20 or more net new jobs created. Qualifying projects show how much investment is occurring in your community.