Mayor Urging People To Think Of Others As Pandemic Drags On

Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn is asking everyone to do their part to knock down this surge in COVID-19 cases that’s affecting Findlay and Hancock County.

In the video below, the mayor said we did a good job early on in the pandemic with taking COVID precautions but says we’re now falling back into old habits which are causing significant harm to the community.

Over the past week she said she’s heard from hospital leadership that they’re at capacity and that the number of cases they’re seeing is unsustainable.

She says we each need to do our part to lower the spread of the virus.

She said there are three simple things we need to do that have been proven to work to prevent the spread.

Those three things are wear a mask, get vaccinated and avoid large gatherings.

When it comes to getting vaccinated the mayor is asking people to think of others and not just themselves.

“I myself know that I’m a low risk individual, but I chose to get vaccinated to take care of the larger community and to decrease the risk of giving the virus to others if I carry it.”

The mayor ended the video by saying that if we all follow these safety recommendations we’ll all get through the pandemic together.

COVID cases and hospitalization remain high in the latest numbers released by Hancock Public Health.

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