Medical Examiners Testify In Houdeshell Murder Trial

1/17/18 – 5:09 A.M.

Two medical examiners testified in the murder trial of an Arlington man Tuesday. The Courier reports 29-year-old Brent Houdeshell’s attorney called an expert witness to the stand. Dr. Werner Spitz is a forensic pathologist and professor of pathology at Wayne State University in Detroit. He testified that 2-year-old Breydon Ferrell could have died as a result of a fall from his crib on March 31 of 2016.

Spitz said the boy could have hit a table and television near the crib as he fell, causing multiple injuries.

The prosecution called medical examiner and forensic pathologist Dr. Jamie Downs to the stand as a rebuttal witness. Downs disagreed with Spitz, saying Ferrell couldn’t have suffered eight injuries to his face and skull in just one fall. He also said injuries Ferrell had on his arms were consistent with grab marks.

Closing arguments are on the trial schedule today.

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