Millstream Career Center Receiving Grant To Expand

(From Findlay City Schools)

Millstream Career Center has been awarded a grant under the Career Technical Construction Program through the state of Ohio. The grant includes the 7,550 square-foot construction of two additions for Manufacturing Operations and Engineering, with a total award of $3,498,090.00.

The Career Technical Construction Program grant is part of Ohio’s House Bill 33, which devoted $200 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds to the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission for career technical expansion.

“We are thrilled to be a recipient of the expansion dollars,” said Pam Hamlin, Director of Millstream Career Center. “This will help provide career tech education in manufacturing and expand our engineering and robotics lab. Both fields are begging for more workforce and we will have opportunities for more students to be exposed and trained in these fields. We are looking forward to collaborating with the businesses and industries in our region to build the next generation of workforce.”



The grant funds used at Millstream will allow for a greater number of students to enroll in Millstream’s career technical programs. Currently, Millstream serves students from fifteen school districts in Hancock, Putnam, and Wyandot counties.

According to the Career Technical Construction Program Guidelines, the purpose of this program is to “assist with facilities construction projects that support establishing or expanding career-technical education programs in eligible Career Technical Planning Districts. The program aims to address waiting lists to career-technical education programs and meet the demand for education and training programs for critically needed occupations.”

The goal for project completion will be September of 2026.