New Bill Gives Local Officials Control Over Renewable Energy Projects

(ONN) – Governor DeWine has signed into law a bill allowing county commissioners in Ohio to determine the fate of renewable energy projects in their county.

When the measure signed Monday takes effect in 90 days, county commissions will be able to block proposed wind turbines, solar farms or other renewable projects or site them in specific areas of a county.

The proposal will also add a commissioner and trustee to the Ohio Power Siting Board while it reviews local projects.

Proponents say the changes will put local control and input at the forefront, but opponents say they discriminate against renewable energy.

The bill was sponsored by State Senators Bill Reineke and Senator Rob McColley.

In June, the Ohio Power Siting Board denied plans for a wind farm project in Seneca and Sandusky Counties.

Senator Reineke said it was gratifying that the Ohio Power Siting Board reached a logical conclusion with regards to the project after an extensive review of the facts and the law and consideration of the overwhelming public concern.