New Flood Model To Give Better Picture Of How Localized Rain Impacts Blanchard

9/26/17 – 12:06 P.M.

The engineering company looking at flood reduction efforts for the Blanchard River now has a better model to look at. Project manager Steve Wilson says the new Stantec model provides better information than what the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers used…

Audio:Steve Wilson

For instance, the original elevation data only provided changes in elevation at every two feet. The new data shows differences in elevation for every half-foot. For a flat area like Findlay, that’s a big difference.

Wilson says the engineering firm can now see how rainfall in different parts of the county affects flooding…

Audio:Steve Wilson

Wilson says traditionally storms on the southern edge of the county affect the river more. That’s because there’s a little more elevation in areas like Mount Blanchard.

Stantec Engineering recently completed a new model that shows how rainfall impacts Blanchard River flooding. However, some in attendance at Tuesday’s Hancock County Commissioners meeting wanted to know why the engineering firm needed a new model…

Audio:Steve Wilson

Project manager Steve Wilson says Stantec requested permission to make their own model earlier this year.