New Mazza Exhibit A Celebration Of Black History

The University of Findlay’s Mazza Museum is presenting a new exhibit in conjunction with Black History Month.

“Game Changers” will be on display in the Freed Galleria through the spring semester.

“This is a tribute to Black History. American History. From the indomitable spirit that survived slavery, to the courageous voices that rang out for civil rights,” said museum curator Dan Chudzinski.

“This is an ovation for the artists, poets, athletes, and personas that changed the game forever – changed the game for the better. This is for the Game Changers.”

We spoke with museum director Ben Sapp about the exhibit.



He says the Mazza Museum is proud to give voice and venue to the artists and authors who use the power of illustration and the written word to ensure that these stories are not forgotten.

For more information on the exhibit click here, and for more on the Mazza Museum click here.