New Order To Share Coronavirus Information With Dispatchers

Governor DeWine in his Tuesday coronavirus update said that the virus is peaking at lower levels thanks to the efforts of Ohioans but that it’s still affecting a lot of people.

“There are still a lot of losses and a lot of sickness going on. This is still a really tough time for many out there,” DeWine said as he implored people to continue following social distancing guidelines.

Ohio’s health director, Dr. Amy Acton said with the lack of personal protective equipment available they have to do all they can to protect first responders.

And that’s why the state is issuing a new order to share positive coronavirus name and address information with dispatchers so first responders can be properly protected when responding to an emergency.

As of Tuesday there were 7,280 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Ohio and 324 deaths.

The governor says because Ohio can currently only test the sickest individuals and those working on the frontlines, the total number of cases is most certainly higher.

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