New Program To Benefit Hancock County 3rd Graders

Hancock Literacy and Raise the Bar – Hancock County are collaborating on a new program benefitting local 3rd graders.

The program, which is called “Lit Man” to reflect its combination of literacy and manufacturing concepts, provides resources to sharpen reading and creative thinking skills while also introducing youth to manufacturing and products made in Hancock County.

“We wanted to make sure we targeted 3rd graders because this is a pivotal year in their literacy skills,” said Tricia Valasek, Manager of Raise the Bar – Hancock County.

“And we also wanted to bring manufacturing to the forefront during Manufacturing Awareness Month which is October.”



Through the Lit Man program, each of Hancock County’s 850 3rd graders will receive a manufacturing-related picture book, “Poem Mobiles: Crazy Car Poems”.

Students will also be introduced to five area manufacturers (Cooper Tire, GSW, Molten, Nissin Brake Ohio, ZF) and their designed/produced car parts through a creative coloring page flier.

The program also supports 3rd grade teachers with talking about manufacturing through a lesson plan in the language arts classroom and allows children and families to explore local manufacturing via a fun, interactive website (

“Literacy skills in third grade are critical,” added Shannon Andersen, Director of Hancock Literacy.

“Up until third grade, students are learning to read. If youth are not proficient readers when they begin fourth grade, as much as half of the curriculum they will be taught will be incomprehensible. Lit Man, thus, brings a fun book to the hands and home libraries of our students to help them in their love of reading.”