New Rules & Regulations In Effect For Fair Rides In Ohio

(ONN) – A law regarding ride safety was passed following the death of a young man at the Ohio State Fair four years ago, but many of the rules and regulations were just finalized last November, meaning they are now in effect as fair season begins.

The new law brings with it stronger safety measures for amusement rides, as well as new standards – and collecting information concerning the storage or use of rides.

Owners of rides are also required to complete a visual inspection, looking for things like fatigue and corrosion.

Inspectors also are removing access panels to look at the ride’s interior structure.

If corrosion or any cause for concern is found, owners must contact the ride’s manufacturer then get with a professional engineer to fix any problems.

The Putnam County Fair is June 21-26 and the Hancock County Fair is September 1-6.

WFIN’s Chris Oaks recently spoke with Hancock County Fair Board President Jeff Cole about the fair. Listen to that conversation by clicking here.