New UF Graduates Complete Arch Ceremony On Their Own

Saturday was a very bittersweet day for hundreds of University of Findlay students including Bryant and Charity.

All their hard work over the last four years has paid off in a well-earned degree, but they weren’t able to have a graduation and to stockpile all of the memories that come with it.

So, on Saturday, which was supposed to be UF’s commencement, the couple, who met as freshmen in the Western Equestrian program, spent some time on campus and performed one very important tradition.

“As you graduate you would walk through the arch to end your time here, so we walked through it together today even though we weren’t able to with the whole class,” Bryant said.

Charity said, while it was great to sort of experience the arch ceremony, she was especially saddened to not be able to have her college graduation because she was home-schooled her whole life until college and has never experienced a big graduation.

Despite not having a traditional graduation, both say the university has done a lot to try and make the end of their undergraduate years as special as possible with special videos and an upcoming virtual celebration.

“They definitely are still trying to make it special for us even though it’s at a hard point in our lives,” Charity said.

Both of the new graduates will be sticking around Findlay.

Bryant will be going to graduate school at UF and Charity got a job as a trainer at the horse farm.