New UF Program Offers Entrepreneurial Support

The University of Findlay is making futures “BRITE” with a new program that offers students and members of the community entrepreneurial support.

Details are in the following news release from the University of Findlay.


University of Findlay’s College of Business is offering assistance to entrepreneurs through a new multi-faceted program, the Business Resource for Innovation, Teamwork, and Entrepreneurship (BRITE) Center.

The BRITE Center will offer guidance in starting a new business or exploring a new profession by offering think-tank events where participants can gain insight on the validity of a business idea, keynote speaker videos and presentations on a variety of business topics, and even pair people with mentors in a relevant industry to get real-world advice.

Carla Treadway, director of the BRITE Center, stated, “the goal of this program is to break down barriers to help students and other participants transition to becoming successful entrepreneurs.”

UF students, alumni, and, eventually, the public will be able to take advantage of the Center’s unique offerings. Some other services to be provided include:

-Business plan completion
-Presentations by business owners, entrepreneurs, investors
-Review and analysis of profit potential
-Assistance with market research
-Marketing planning

“With this program, we hope to instill in students of every major and members of the community that entrepreneurial ideas can be achieved,” said Treadway. “You don’t have to be in business to start one! Whether you’re starting up a multimedia business, opening a veterinary clinic, or running a unique online business, no matter what your passions is, there is an opportunity for it.”

The Center is currently seeking professionals in various industries and professions who are interested in being mentors or presenting to aspiring entrepreneurs. Treadway explained, “As a mentor, you will make an impression on young people and foster the growth of future businessmen and women.” Mentors will be connected with students to provide both professional support and an experience-based leadership. “We hope to connect students with professionals that can provide guidance and experience-based opportunities for students to grow and learn,” said Treadway.

The BRITE Center is made possible by the Garner Trucking Entrepreneurial Endowment fund. Future sponsorship opportunities for events, speakers, competitions, and campus wide innovation programs will be available.

Learn more about the BRITE Center by clicking here.