ODOT Looking Into Reducing Crashes On I-75 Ramp

The Ohio Department of Transportation says it will be looking into what can be done to lessen the number of crashes on the Interstate 75 southbound flyover ramp to U.S. 68/State Route 15 and Lima Avenue in Findlay.

There have been a number of crashes since the flyover ramp opened in November of 2018, particularly in wet weather.

Just last Friday, a semi overturned on the ramp and slid down the embankment.

ODOT says, while the ramp is up to standards and meets all safety specifications, measures can be taken to reduce the number of crashes occurring.

ODOT says some things they’re considering are more signage to better alert drivers about the curves in the ramp and the need to slow down, extending the guardrails along the ramp, and checking the road surface to make sure it has enough friction. The friction testing will take place on Tuesday.

Drivers are being reminded to slow down when approaching the ramp, and to not take it too fast, especially in wet weather.