ODOT Reminding Drivers To Give Plows Room To Work

The Ohio Department of Transportation is reminding drivers give their snow plows plenty of room to operate during snow events.

ODOT says 17 of their snow plows have been struck this winter, with number 17 happening on Monday.

ODOT says 46 of its snow plows were hit in the winter of 2020-21.

“Your safety is our priority, so please make our crews safety a priority too,” ODOT said.

ODOT is hoping drivers remember the saying “don’t crowd the plow” as they come across any snow plows clearing snow.

ODOT points out that when a plow is struck, that takes it off the road as it’s repaired, hindering their ability to clear the roads efficiently.

There have been several crashes the last few days due to people driving too fast for the snowy conditions and losing control.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is reminding drivers to slow down in snowy weather and to give themselves plenty of stopping distance.