ODOT Truck Hit In Work Zone South Of Findlay

An Ohio Department of Transportation truck was hit by a passing box truck in a work zone on State Route 15 at U.S. 68 just south of Findlay on Friday.

The ODOT employee in the truck nor the driver of the box truck was injured.

ODOT spokesperson Matt Bruning says it’s very frustrating that this keeps happening.

“This is the ninth time that our crews have been hit since Valentine’s Day and that’s a really frustrating thing for us.”

He says crews always put up plenty of things alerting drivers to road work ahead like barrels, cones, reflective tape and signage, and they just need drivers to start paying attention.

“Our people are the most important things to us and we try to keep them safe and will continue to remind drivers to move over and slow down when you see our crews on the side of the road.”