Ohio Building Demolition And Site Revitalization Program

The Hancock Regional Planning Commission says the Ohio Department of Development has set aside $500,000 for Hancock County to direct towards the demolition of commercial and residential buildings as part of the new Building Demolition and Site Revitalization Program.

Commercial and residential buildings on sites that do not contain or present environmentally hazardous substances or conditions and are located within Hancock County are eligible properties.

Post-demolition site restoration costs such as grading, seeding, greening and improvements may also be covered.

All costs are expected to be covered by the grant program.

The property owner must grant Hancock County and its demolition contractors temporary access to the property in order to demolish structures.

People who have a structure they would like to be demolished and meets the above guidelines should contact Lizzy Essinger at 419-424 -7095 or [email protected]