Ohio Democratic Party Sues To Get More Ballot Drop Boxes

The Ohio Democratic Party is filing a lawsuit in the hopes of getting more than one ballot drop box per county before the November election.

Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper said that more ballot drop boxes within each county would eliminate delays in boards receiving ballots through the mail.

The lawsuit names Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose as the lone defendant.

LaRose spoke about the issue recently saying that under current state law his office is only allowed to authorize one ballot drop box location per county.

LaRose says he has been and continues to be supportive of legislation that permits additional options for voters to return their absentee ballots, but as an executive office holder he must follow the laws as written by the Ohio Legislature.

The Hancock County Board of Elections has a drop box for absentee ballot requests and ballots outside their building at 201 East Lincoln Street.

People can drop their information in the drop box at any time.

You can also pick up absentee requests from the small box attached to the east side of the drop box.

The drop box is monitored 24/7.

People can also still mail the board of elections and request an absentee ballot.