Ohio House Passes Measure To Curb Health Director’s Authority

Some Ohio Republicans are looking to limit the powers of Dr. Amy Acton, the director of the Ohio Department of Health.

The Ohio House on Wednesday passed a measure that would stem the authority of the department by limiting stay-at-home orders to no more than 14-days.

Acton would need to get bipartisan approval from the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review, a 10-member Senate-House panel, to extend any health order beyond 14 days.

The amendment is not likely to get out of the Senate and if it did it would be vetoed by the governor.

Dr. Acton has built a nationwide following during the coronavirus pandemic.

A new video essay produced by the New York Times calls Acton “the leader we wish we all had.”

It compares Ohio’s response to the COVID-19 crisis with that of Michigan’s, noting that while the Buckeye State has a bigger population, it suffered fewer coronavirus deaths.

The essay concludes that “Dr. Acton convinced millions of Ohioans to stay at home. Not by ordering them, but by inspiring them.”