Ohio In Peak Time For Deer-Involved Crashes

Ohio drivers are being reminded that we’re heading into the peak time for deer-related crashes.

In 2019, statistics from the Ohio State Highway Patrol show there were 19,375 deer-related crashes on Ohio’s roadways.

Of those crashes, four resulted in fatal injuries to motorists and 966 people were injured.

46 percent of the crashes occurred in October, November, and December.

Some of the top counties for deer-related crashes include Stark, Richland, Lorain, Trumbull, and Hancock with US-30, I-71 and I-80 being the leading roadways in the state.

“Always avoid distractions and keep your full focus on the roadway,” said Colonel Richard Fambro of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

“If you see a deer slow down, but do not swerve. If you strike a deer, move to a safe place if you are able, turn on your hazard lights, and report the crash.”

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, deer become much more active during the fall breeding season which occurs from late October through November.

The dawn and dusk hours are the most likely times for deer-involved crashes.

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