Ohio Lawmaker Tries To Charge Governor With Terrorism

(ONN) – After failing to impeach Governor Mike DeWine over his COVID-19 response, Clermont County Republican Rep. John Becker is trying to charge him with a slew of criminal offenses, including terrorism, bribery and interfering with civil rights.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Becker, in a private citizen affidavit filed in Clermont County Municipal Court on Monday, accuses DeWine of disenfranchising voters, threatening the health of Ohioans by limiting hospitals to non-emergency procedures and shuttering businesses.

When asked for comment, DeWine spokesman Dan Tierney replied: “If this were serious, I would have a comment. Because it is patently absurd, I do not.”

The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that the Clermont County prosecutor reviewed the affidavit and did not find any basis for the filing of a criminal complaint.