Ohio Passes Bill Allowing Concealed Carry Without Permit

A bill that allows Ohioans to carry a concealed gun without a permit is now headed to Governor Mike DeWine’s desk.

On Wednesday the Ohio House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 215.

If the governor signs it, people 21 and older in Ohio will be allowed to carry a concealed gun without a license or firearms training as long as they lawfully possess the gun.

Currently, Ohioans need eight hours of training and a background check to obtain a CCW permit.

Many in law enforcement have voiced their opposition to the bill, including the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio, which believes it will create a greater threat to officer safety.

The bill removes a requirement to tell officers about the weapon unless asked.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost recently issued Ohio’s Law on Concealed Handguns annual report showing that 202,920 concealed carry licenses were issued in Ohio in 2021.

Under current Ohio law, county sheriffs are responsible for issuing concealed-carry licenses and renewing them, as well as suspending and revoking licenses.