Ohio Restaurants Resume Inside Dining

Restaurants in Ohio were allowed to start having inside dining again on Thursday if they followed several safety protocols.

We spoke with Lisa Allen, the owner of The Baker’s Cafe in Findlay, about some of those safety precautions.

She says in order to maintain six feet of distance between parties dining they have arranged the tables differently and placed a big X on some so they are not used.

She says every staff member is wearing a face mask at all times and is also required to perform a daily symptom assessment, and to stay home if showing symptoms of the virus.

Overall, she says the first day of inside dining was a little slow, the biggest party they had was a four-top, but it was still nice to see some faces.

“From our standpoint there’s really nothing like having people sitting in the restaurant enjoying themselves, hearing the chatter and the clinking of the silverware and dishes. It’s just part of that experience.”