Ohio School District Bans Thin Blue Line Flags

A “thin blue line” flag is causing controversy in Geauga County.

Last Friday, a Chardon football player ran onto the field with one of the flags, which are meant to show support and appreciation for law enforcement.

The school district received complaints about the player holding the flag as he was running onto the field.

School Superintendent Michael Hanlon banned the flag and says it can no longer be used during school events because it could be perceived as racially-motivated.

His decision drew instant backlash, with Geauga County Commissioner Ralph Spidalieri calling for Hanlon’s resignation, saying the decision “sickens me.”

The player was holding the flag to show support for one of their coaches who is also a police officer.

The Chardon Police Department says it appreciates the player’s gesture and the recognition of first responders throughout the community.

There were a lot of thin blue line flags to be seen in Findlay on Saturday during an event in support of local law enforcement.


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