Ohio Secretary Of State Addresses Masks At The Polls

With the November election less than three months away, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose held a news conference to dispel some of the false information concerning the November ballot.

First, he said Ohio will hold the election on November 3rd regardless of the pandemic.

That date cannot be moved.

He said Ohio’s election machines are known across the country as the safest, and despite what President Trump has said regarding fears about mail-in voting, he says those concerns don’t exist here.

LaRose is advising people who plan on voting absentee to not procrastinate.

When it comes to mask-wearing, LaRose said poll workers won’t be acting as the mask police.

“But walking into a polling place without wearing a mask is rude, it’s bad manners. You shouldn’t be doing it. But if you choose to we will let you cast your ballot,” LaRose said.



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