Ohio Secretary Of State LaRose Talks Cyber Security, Election Transparency While In Findlay

3/19/19 – 2:53 P.M.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose stopped in Findlay Tuesday. During a visit with the Courier Editorial Board, LaRose said one of his main priorities in Columbus is to secure the states technology infrastructure


LaRose says the bill has four main goals. The first would establish a cyber-reserve of civilians to help respond to a cyber attack. The other points would create a chief information security officer, give the Secretary of State a seat on the homeland security advisory council, and require post-election audits after every election.

LaRose also says he wants to bring financial transparency to the local candidates


LaRose says the information they get from candidates isnt searchable online, which makes it hard for people to follow where the money in a campaign is coming from. He says candidates should file that information electronically.

LaRose says it’s not unreasonable to believe that the treasurer for a candidate can file an excel document with the state. State candidates have had to file finance reports online since 2000.

LaRose also talked about the work of local elections boards. He said hes seen great bipartisan efforts across Ohios counties to make sure elections run smoothly.