Ohio Senator Rob McColley Talks Wind Turbines And Gun Control

02/19/18 – 7:37 P.M.
Ohio Senator Rob McColley was in Findlay Monday to talk about his views on issues that could affect northwest Ohio. McColley talked about wind turbines and House Bill 238, a bill proposed by former Senator Cliff Hite that will affect the distance a turbine has to be from neighboring properties.
McColley said that this isn’t fair to the neighbor and could affect how the neighbor builds on their property. He added that he thinks managing wind turbines should be done locally. Some communities are in favor of wind farms while others oppose it. If done locally, these communities will have more control over what goes in.
Aside from turbines, McColley also talked about his views on gun control. He said that he doesn’t believe that the federal government can propose broad-sweeping legislation on the issue.
McColley said that he is a supporter of the 2nd amendment. With that in mind, he said that any changes to the amendment need to be well thought out and heavily researched.
McColley took over for Senator Cliff Hite after Hite resigned for sexual harassment allegations. His term will expire at the end of this year. In the May primary, he faces former Findlay High School principal Craig Kupferberg and Bob Barker Jr. of Van Wert.