Ohio SOS Referring 117 Cases Of Suspected Voter Fraud

Ohio’s elections chief is promising that Ohio is a safe and secure place to vote, and that those who break the state’s voting laws will be prosecuted.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose is referring 117 cases of suspected voter fraud to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

“They’re small numbers, but there’s no such thing as an acceptable level of election fraud, we’re just not going to tolerate it,” LaRose said at a Monday news conference.

LaRose added that people need to know that if they try to commit voting fraud in Ohio they will be caught.

LaRose says voter fraud is rare in Ohio and he’s working to keep it that way because Ohioans deserve elections which are both convenient and honest.

LaRose was in Findlay in February for a roundtable discussion with the Findlay-Hancock County Chamber of Commerce.

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