Ohio SOS Reissues Order Limiting Ballot Drop Boxes

(ONN) – Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has reissued a contentious order limiting the number of ballot drop boxes to one per county for the May 4th primary.

The directive came after LaRose was asked to break a tie in Hamilton County over whether expanding drop boxes should be studied.

A virtually identical order LaRose issued in 2020 sparked litigation by the Ohio Democratic Party and voting and civil rights groups.

Voting rights advocates say the order hurts voters in rural areas and those without transportation.

The order was allowed to stand by the courts, but they rejected the idea that LaRose needs additional legislative action before authorizing drop boxes at multiple locations.

LaRose was recently in Findlay for a roundtable with the Chamber of Commerce.

(the picture above is the drop box outside the Hancock County Board of Elections in Findlay)