Ohio State Reps Introduce “Law and Order” Legislation

Two Republican Ohio state representatives are introducing a bill they call “law and order legislation” that would create harsher penalties for rioting, looting and violence.

Representatives Cindy Abrams and Sara Carruthers are co-sponsoring the bill that comes after summer protests across the state led to property damage and expensive cleanup costs.

House Bill 784 creates a new Riot Assault charge if a person engaged in an aggravated riot recklessly causes physical harm that is punishable by a fifth-degree felony.

The charge is a fourth-degree felony if the assault is against a police officer and a third-degree felony if the officer sustains serious physical harm.

In Columbus, at least five people are charged for their actions during the protests and there is also an investigation underway into police actions during the protests.

Learn more about the new bill here.