Ohio Supreme Court Urged To Hold Members Of Redistricting Commission In Contempt

A group of voting rights advocates is asking the Ohio Supreme Court to hold members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission in contempt.

In their motion, representatives from the League of Women Voters said Republican members of the commission are running out the clock on a May 28th deadline set by federal judges.

The federal judges told the commission to submit a new map that meets state requirements, or they would impose a map previously deemed unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court.

On Monday, Democrats publicly invited Republicans on the Redistricting Commission to meet, but all declined.

The ACLU and other voting-rights groups are asking the Ohio Supreme Court to force the redistricting commission to meet.

The Ohio Supreme Court, after rejecting a fourth set of maps earlier this month, gave the redistricting commission until May 6th to file a new plan.