Ohio Voters Make Their Voices Heard On Issue 1

Voter turnout was very strong on Tuesday as many Ohioans headed to the polls in a special election to make their voices heard on Issue 1 and whether it should be more difficult to amend the Ohio Constitution.

It appears that many voters were not comfortable with Issue 1, and with the results skewing very much in favor of the opposition, some outlets, such as the Columbus Dispatch, called the election for the “no” side as the votes were still being tallied.

Unofficial results from the Ohio Secretary of State’s office on Issue 1 can be seen by clicking here.

Issue 1, had it passed, would have increased the voter approval threshold for constitutional amendments from a simple majority up to 60 percent.

Supporters said Issue 1 would have strengthened the Ohio Constitution by protecting it from out-of-state interests.

Critics of Issue 1 said, had it been approved, it would have destroyed citizen-driven ballot initiatives and taken power away from the people.

See the unofficial results of Issue 1 by clicking here.