Ohio’s Moved Primary Election Is Almost Here

Ohio’s primary election is coming up on Tuesday.

The election was moved from March 17th to April 28th due to the coronavirus and will be conducted through the mail only.

The Hancock Board of Elections says the deadline to request an absentee ballot is noon on Saturday.

Applications placed in the drop box outside the board of elections at 201 East Lincoln Street or received by mail after noon on Saturday will not be processed.

All completed ballots then must be postmarked April 27th or placed in the drop box by 7:30 p.m. on election day Tuesday for them to be counted.

Slower than expected mail delivery could affect Ohio’s ongoing primary election.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose says it’s taking as many as 7 to 9 days for first class mail, when normally it would take one to three.

That means voters requesting an absentee ballot may not receive one in time.

Absentee ballots have to be postmarked by Monday, April 27th.

LaRose says voters affected by the mail delay can go to their county board of elections Tuesday and cast a provisional ballot.

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