UPDATE: One Killed During SWAT Team Raid In Lima

8/4/17 – 9:14 A.M.
UPDATE – 4:01 P.M.

A SWAT team member shot and killed a man during the last of three searches in Lima Thursday. WIMA radio reports that the incident took place just before 9 a.m. at 218 West Michigan Avenue. In a press conference, Allen County Sheriff Matt Treglia said that the man was armed.

Matt Treglia

Treglia said that the Wood County Sheriff’s Office will have to take control of the investigation.

Matt Treglia

Ohio BCI, the FBI, the State Highway Patrol, and even the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office were among the agencies helping with the search.

The names of the suspect and of the officers involved in the shooting have not yet been released.

Officers found contraband in each of the homes they searched.