Online Renewal Of Driver Licenses, State IDs Coming To Ohio

A change in state law will allow many Ohioans for the first time to renew their driver licenses and state ID cards online.

The measure is contained in the state’s transportation budget which Governor DeWine signed into law on Wednesday.

The new online registration will be available to people ages 21 to 65 whose current licenses were issued in person and who have photos on file with the state.

The new online options will reportedly be available by the summer of 2022.

The bill received bipartisan support and features $318 million for highway safety projects, $2.6 billion for state-maintained roadway improvements, $2.4 billion for local roadway improvements, $74 million for public transit, and $8 million for electric vehicle charging station grants.

The bill also requires completion of in-person or online classes for driver licenses before beginning behind-the-wheel instruction.