Open House Details Poor Conditions Of Hancock County Juvenile And Probate Court

11/01/17 – 6:36 P.M.

The Hancock County Probate and Juvenile Court staff gave tours of the building to show problematic areas. Judge Kristen Johnson explained that there are many parts of the building that are unsafe.

Kristen Johnson

Johnson said that coupled with tight spaces make for an unsafe workspace, especially for a court. The over 150-year-old building has holes in the walls, floors, and ceilings. In some spots, the walls are separating, leaving gaps leading to the outside.

She added that she worries about security and keeping people safe. She said she is concerned about the lack of safety if a fight were to break out in the courtroom.

Kristen Johnson

There was incident earlier in the year that involved a juvenile and a deputy. She said that this scuffle blocked the door to the courtroom leaving the deputy on his own.

Johnson said that Issue 4 will provide funds to expand the jail but added that it will help to move them as well.

Kristen Johnson