Organization Helps 3 Findlay Families Have ‘Best Christmas Ever’

The charity Best Christmas Ever surprised three Findlay area families over the weekend who fell on hard times this year.

The organization on Sunday afternoon surprised the Wolfe family in Findlay with gifts and a trip to Disney World.

Jaclyn Pessel, of Best Christmas Ever, says Emily Wolfe had spent a lot of time and effort raising money for breast cancer research after her mother-in-law got breast cancer, and then Emily herself was diagnosed with breast cancer and has battled the disease this year.



“So she had spent all that time raising money for people she didn’t know only to find herself in that same boat, and she was nominated by a good friend of theirs.”

Emily, her husband Ryan and their three girls all came out to the porch when Jaclyn knocked to announce the surprise as dozens of people looked on.

Jaclyn said they also surprised two other families over the weekend, and that it wouldn’t be possible without this generous community.

“You get more out of giving than you do receiving, and you can see by how many people were here that people want to give and to help and there’s so many good people out there.”