OSHP: Distracted Driving Safety Corridor Is Working

The Ohio State Highway Patrol and Ohio Department of Transportation gave an update on the effectiveness of the Distracted Driving Safety Corridor that was implemented on Interstate 75 in March of 2020.

We asked Lt. Tim Grigsby (video below) if the corridor, that stretches from Findlay to Beaverdam, is accomplishing what they hoped it would.

“It has, it’s driven injury and fatal crashes down. We haven’t had a single fatality in this particular corridor in the time it’s been active.”




Lt. Grigsby says the purpose of the corridor is two-fold: to educate drivers about the dangers of distracted driving and to make them aware of law enforcement’s intense focus on stopping it.



The 20-mile stretch of highway includes signs that inform drivers that they’re entering the corridor and there is zero tolerance for unsafe driving behaviors.

The signs also inform drivers of the dangers of driving distracted with one of the signs reading “this could be your last text”.

The I-75 corridor is the second Distracted Driving Safety Corridor in northwest Ohio with the other being established on U.S. 6 in Wood, Sandusky and Henry Counties in 2018.

April is national Distracted Driving Awareness Month.