OSHP Names Findlay Dispatcher Of The Year

(From the Ohio State Highway Patrol)

Ohio State Highway Patrol Dispatcher Ashlee Tyree has been selected as the 2023 Dispatcher of the Year at the Findlay Dispatch Center.

Tyree, 38, was honored in recognition of outstanding service of the past year at the Findlay Dispatch Center. Sworn officers and dispatchers chose Tyree based on technical job knowledge and ability, enthusiastic work attitude, teamwork, and prompt and courteous response to the public’s requests for information and assistance.

Dispatcher Tyree joined the Highway Patrol in 2014 and has served at the Findlay Dispatch Center since joining the Division. Originally from Tiffin and a graduate of Tiffin Columbian High School, Dispatcher Tyree has an Associate’s Degree from Brown Mackie College. Dispatcher Tyree was Dispatcher of the year for the Findlay Post in 2018, 2019 and 2022. Dispatcher Tyree was the Findlay District Dispatcher of the Year in 2022. Tyree is a field training officer and has also received the Dispatcher Criminal Patrol Award in 2018.

Dispatcher Tyree resides in Tiffin, Ohio.