OSU Among 3 Schools That Voted Against Postponing Season

Court documents filed in connection with a lawsuit being brought against the Big Ten by its own players has revealed how Ohio State voted on the decision to postpone fall sports.

The Ohio State University was indeed one of the three schools that voted to not postpone the fall sports season.

That’s in line with a statement from Ohio State in August, in which Athletic Director Gene Smith said he and new President Kristina Johnson were in agreement not to postpone the season.

The Big Ten says the 11 to 3 vote exceeds the 60 percent threshold that’s required to postpone the season.

Only Ohio State, Nebraska and Iowa voted against postponing the season.

The new information was revealed in court documents from a lawsuit against the conference filed by players from the Nebraska football team.

In a letter to the Big Ten community, Commissioner Kevin Warren said the decision to postpone fall sports will not be revisited.