Parade Of Cars Goes By Findlay Boy’s House For His Birthday

With a little help from his neighbors and friends, the fire department and 100.5 WKXA, Briggs still had a memorable 4th birthday despite not being able to have a big party because of the coronavirus going around.

A long line of cars stretched down Briggs’ street on Thursday and slowly went by his house honking their horns and dropping off gifts.

The WKXA van was playing a Happy Birthday song as it slowly went by.

The Findlay Fire Department was there and had their lights and sirens going.

One person even drove by on a lawnmower.

The youngster’s mom, Kayla, says they had a big party planned and Briggs was bummed that it had to be canceled because of the coronavirus.

But she says the parade of cars really brightened his birthday and gave him a memory he’ll never forget.

Happy birthday Briggs!