Park District Resolution Clears Path For Benching Project

The Hancock Park District Board of Commissioners passed a resolution that could lead to the next benching project along the Blanchard River in Findlay.

The board passed a resolution stating that the sale or transfer of Park District land, including Civitan Park, to the City of Findlay would result in the best public use of the land.

Park District Director Gary Pruitt says Park District land cannot be sold or otherwise transferred without the approval of Hancock County Probate Court.

And probate court will not approve the sale or transfer of land unless-or-until the board of park commissioners determines that the sale or transfer of land to Findlay for benching followed by park development will result in the best public use of the land, and that’s what the resolution was for.



The resolution states that it’s the desire of the city and other stakeholders to determine how the benched area, which will include Civitan Park, may also provide recreational and entertainment benefits.

The resolution indicates that a benching project north of the river and east of Main Street would be completed in 2022.