People Urged To Check On Older Loved Ones And Neighbors

The Ohio Department of Aging asking Ohioans to check on older loved ones and neighbors during and after this coming winter storm.

Checking in on older friends, relatives, and neighbors during severe weather helps them feel connected and gives people an opportunity to spot potential issues and help them get assistance if they need it.

People can check in on an older loved one or neighbor by telephone, text message, email, video call, or in-person if it is safe to travel.

Older Ohioans are encouraged to have an emergency plan and kit that will allow them to remain in place for at least three days if they are unable to safely leave their homes.

The plan and kit should include:

A battery-operated radio, flashlight, and extra batteries for both of those items;
Food you can open and prepare easily without electricity;
One gallon of water per person, per day;
A first-aid kit and backup supply of medications;
Spare glasses, extra hearing aid batteries, and non-powered alternatives to assistive and medical equipment that may not work without electricity;
A loud horn, whistle, or bell you can use to help first responders locate you;
The names and phone numbers of people you can call for help if you need it; and
A plan for where you will go if it is unsafe to remain in your home, and how you will get there.