Pizza Shop Employees Thanked With Employee Appreciation Day

Heavenly Pizza in Findlay held an Employee Appreciation Day recently in which all the money that came in that day went directly to the staff.

Owner Josh Elchert says his employees ended up making $78 an hour on Monday, July 5th.

“We just really wanted to make a big deal, and 78 dollars an hour to make pizza is a pretty big deal, but we just wanted to make sure they felt valued and appreciated.”



Josh said, while many restaurants have been experiencing staffing shortages, they’ve been able to stay fully staffed thanks to their dedicated employees.

He says their Employee Appreciation Day wouldn’t have been such a big success without their loyal customers.

He said, on an average Monday they do around 90 orders, but on Employee Appreciation Day they did upwards of 200, which meant more money in the pockets of his employees.