Planning Commission Approves Raising Cane’s Site Plan

The Findlay City Planning Commission approved site plans for a Raising Cane’s and a GetGo convenience store and gas station with conditions.

Both will be located in the parking lot in front of R.P. Home and Harvest at the Findlay Village Mall at 1800 Tiffin Avenue.

Among the conditions are: the city wants to see some greenspace between the sidewalk and the parking lot on the south side of the site, a right-in right-out planned for along Tiffin Avenue needs to be re-engineered to discourage motorists from the opposite direction from trying to enter, and Raising Cane’s needs to have a traffic plan in place to deal with the high amount of traffic the restaurant will see around its grand opening and for a while afterward.

As mentioned, the site will have a right-in right-out along Tiffin Avenue and there will also be a traditional entrance along Croy Drive near where the gas station will be located.

The Raising Cane’s would have a double drive-thru lane that would wrap around from the north side along the west side of the building and 35 parking spots.

The GetGo would include 12 gas pumps on the south side of their building.

There’s no indication yet when construction will begin or when the restaurant or gas station will be open for business.