Plenty Of Repaving Projects In Hancock County This Week

5/7/18 – 4:56 A.M.

We’ll see plenty of road work on Hancock County highways this week. ODOT says they’ll restrict State Route 37 to one lane between Findlay and County Road 172 for a repaving project. Crews will resume repaving work on State Route 103 between Roads 70 and 177 in the village of Arlington.

ODOT is also resuming repaving work on State Route 698 between State Route 103 and County Road 24 in Jenera.

You’ll also see berm repair on State Route 37 from Route 15 to the Hardin County line, U.S. 68 from Findlay to the Hardin County Line, and State Route 103 between Bluffton and the Wyandot County line.