Police Asking People To Report Crimes Before Posting Online

The Fostoria Police Division is asking people to report crimes to police before posting things online to lessen the spread of misinformation.

Police say they became aware of a post on Facebook referencing an alleged incident in Fostoria.

They say they felt it was their duty to determine the circumstances and validity of the post, so they contacted the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office to reach out to the alleged victim.

Police say the victim has come forward and reported the incident and it is being investigated as an assault.

The incident occurred along the 800 block of North Countyline Street on March 5th around 1 a.m.

Police are asking anyone who witnessed the assault or who has seen a male with a bite injury to their neck to get ahold of them.

“As with any investigation or incident, we strongly urge anyone to report the incident immediately to their local law enforcement agency prior to any posting on Facebook. This not only delays our ability to investigate but also can create fear and misinformation by individuals who regularly post malicious comments to make the situation even worse,” said Police Chief Keith Loreno.